Borraco is an Italian designer swimwear brand committed to bringing elevated and fashion-forward design to men's swimwear, yet respecting the environment and maintaining a slow fashion approach. We find that swimwear for men could often be blunt. We want to be an antidote to that with original designs that are unique to our brand and are all hand-drawn. Our first collection – Apulia Collection – is a tribute to the beauty of Puglia, in Italy.


In the 16th Century, Emperor Charles V ordered the construction of a system of watchtowers that ran the length of the Puglia coastline, built to protect Italy from invasion. These magnificent towers still stand today, but the sea and beaches they overlook face a different challenge and one of the world’s greatest environmental catastrophes – plastic pollution. 

It was under one such tower, named ‘Borraco’, where the founders, volunteering to clean the beach from plastic, decided they wanted to build a sustainable and eco-friendly beachwear brand that could in some way contribute to reducing the plastic that blights our planet.  Being an Italian brand, we take quality and creative design seriously, and it’s these two values that underline our brand value – ‘Italian style inspires us, Sustainability defines us’. 


Our men's swim shorts are manufactured using Italian patented fabric made from 100% recycled plastic bottles. It’s our mission to always provide our customers with unique, modern and luxurious clothing in the most eco-friendly and sustainable way possible.

We also place great value on the unique features of our functional swimwear: fast-dry, light and soft fabric, wide pockets, back zip pocket and internal cords.


At Borraco, we believe in bringing the best designed, sustainable, and comfortable swim shorts to the market. That's why we source fabric directly from Italy and work with one of the best swimwear manufacturers in the world. We are committed to ensuring luxury sustainable swimwear is accessible to all, keeping the cost of a pair of Borraco swimshorts below other well-known luxury swimwear brands.


We choose to manufacture our shorts following an approach that is both ethical and quality orientated. Running a small production means favouring quality over quantity and we are proud of that. All our suppliers are located in Portugal where work ethics and conditions are of the highest standard.