Italy Inspires Us, Sustainability Defines Us | BORRACO – Borraco


The incredible journey that transforms post-consumer plastic bottles into plastic chips, yarn and eventually fabric.

Collected & Crushed

Post consumers plastic bottles are collected, sorted, cleaned and crushed.

Extruded Into Yarn

The plastic flakes are then melted and extruded into soft, durable yarn.

Woven For Borraco

The yarn is then woven to make our incredibly light-weight & quick-dry Borraco shorts.


The idea of Borraco swimwear started while having a chat on a beach that the founders helped clean up from plastic bottles. We thought, would it not be amazing to turn something so damaging to the ecosystem, into an actual desirable piece of clothing? We discovered that through a process of recycling and transformation, post-consumer plastic bottles can indeed be turned into new polyester. 


Our fabric is different. It is made of NewLife™ yarn, a patented Italian product that grants for truly amazing performances. NewLife™ yarn is woven in a soft, lightweight and water-resistant fabric, which is a perfect match for Borraco’s functional and luxury swimwear. NewLife™ is certified Oekotek, holds Global Recycled Standard status and is recognised by the Italian ICEA for ethical practices and environmental respect.

Thanks to fewer processing stages, less energy is consumed for manufacturing, resulting in a considerable reduction in carbon emissions compared with virgin polyester (-32%), as well as using less water and electricity. 


We pride ourselves on having conceived a packaging that is truly recyclable and plastic-free from top to bottom. Because we like them to share similar values to us, we select our vendors and suppliers very carefully, We are part of Eco-Alliance, a program supporting sustainable businesses in their quest of pursuing kinder business practices. Every time we place a packaging order a tree is planted, supporting reforestation and offsetting CO2 emissions.

FSC Kraft Paper Mailer Box

We use only the strictly necessary packaging for safe delivery.

No “Matryoshka Packaging”

Supporting reforestation and offsetting CO2 emissions.

100% Recyclable Additions

Recyclable stickers, tissue paper & tags printed with no harmful inks.


At Borraco we take sustainability seriously, to demonstrate this commitment we have been awarded pending status by B-Corporation, with the view to becoming fully qualified once we have been in operations for more than 12 months. B-Corporations (with the B standing for Benefit) are certified by B Lab, a not-for-profit organisation. To earn this certification, B Corps must meet rigorous standards of social and environmental performance, accountability and transparency.

Companies like us, choosing to become B-Corp certified, go through deep scrutiny of their practices and supply chains. We have started by amending our Article of Associations, in a way that reflects more carefully on achieving a ‘triple bottom line’ – by seeking to have a material positive impact on society and the environment as a whole.

Borraco is committed to transparency and to a soulful approach to producing menswear. That is why we have decided to make a real pledge to the environment from the early-stages of our start-up, balancing profit with purpose, and considering the impact of our decisions on the environment, customers, suppliers and the community.