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All our designs are original and hand-drawn, taking inspiration from colours, beauty, food and ceramic traditions that make Puglia one of the most vibrant regions in Italy. Every single design has a story and connection that is deeply rooted in this incredible land.

We like to think of Borraco as an antidote to cookie-cutter prints that are often seen on mainstream swimwear brands. Our creative work to get to the vibrant five prints of the Borraco collection was made possible by collaborating with talented pattern maker, architect and polyedric artist and artisan Sofia Franciosini.

Sea Urchins and Mussels

Sea urchins and mussels only grow in extremely clean sea waters and there is an immediate connection between them and the Mediterranean Sea. They are both considered a delicacy and they are unbeatable in a classic "Spaghetti allo scoglio" Italian summer dish.

Prickly Pears

Prickly pears are dotted everywhere in the Southern Italian regions. There is something about this incredible type of cactus that is just irresistible. Surrounded by spines yet delicious inside and with the most delicate flowers. We could not have dedicated one design to prickly pears.


Unique designer swim shorts made with the equivalent of six recycled plastic bottles. Borraco swim shorts are original and inspired by the region of Puglia, in Italy. The fabric is light, soft UV and water-resistant, taking just a few minutes to dry post-swim. Modern and highly functional Borraco swim shorts are a timeless and original piece of clothing, perfect for your spare time, holidays and sport.


“The Apulia Cockerel” is a very common earthenware motif in Puglia - a symbol of fertility, richness and longevity. Any Puglia household will have some form of crockery decorated with a happy galletto.

Lucky Charms

A “pumo” is a lucky charm that is also a very well-known decorative object in Puglia. Pumi are colourful good luck objects that are used in households for decorative purposes.  They are mainly produced in the town of Grottaglie, very famous for pottery clay production.